Leftover travel cash? There’s an app for that

At the time of writing, I have a curious variety of foreign currency stashed away from recent travels in nice plastic wallets (for want of a better system): China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iraq, Qatar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and yes, my home country, the UK (on an unrelated note, it’s interesting how similar the notes are, and how easy it is to confuse them).

A new app, Spendal, promises to do away with all that, through visually showing exactly what to take out of one’s wallet, if I have understood correctly, meaning no leftover cash from foreign travels.

It sounds intriguing, and it appears there is a problem in need of some sort of a solution: Spendal’s landing page reveals that $156 in foreign travel cash is what the average UK citizen has dusting in the back of a drawer (according to Zopa Study). I’ve probably got that wedged in my pocket alone.

Perhaps a nicer remedy would be to give the surplus coins to charity, or to somebody less privileged encountered when travelling.

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