Mattioli Woods allows employees to become digital nomads for 12 months

A British wealth management firm, Mattioli Woods, is looking to see how effective and productive remote working can be – by allowing two of their UK staff to combine work with travel through the Remote Work programme for a whole year.

Sensibly, the company recognises that to retain key talent “we sometimes have to make things happen that are outside our comfort zone,” in the words of their Chief People Officer.  The CEO also recognises that times are a-changing: “We have these millennials who come to work for different reasons than we do and some of the things they say may actually be right.”

Chris Smith and Suzanne Walker will spend 12 months visiting 12 cities around the world, beginning in Mexico City and ending in PP,  Cambodia. The two will work in serviced offices during the day, and reserve their free time for exploring surroundings and doing their own thing.

Meanwhile, if Chris and Suzanne wish to know more about Kuala Lumpur – their October port of call – I’d be more than happy to share tips!

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