Microsoft, London Loves Business produce guide to flexible working

Microsoft and business website London Loves Business have joined forces to release an ultimate guide to flexible working. At which point I should stop and reveal that I used to work for Microsoft, about a decade ago, but I’ve not had contact with them over this (but yes, I do have a soft spot for them still, though ironically I wasn’t able to work flexibly with them at the time).

The tech giant asks us to consider the following:

Take a moment and hark back to the time you’ve had the best ideas of your professional life. Where were you at the time? Taking a walk? Having a discussion with your friend over a pint of beer? Or, better still – in the shower?

I suspect many of us will probably think anywhere but the workplace, but surprisingly – in my case at least – my best ideas have come about while in the office. This is because of stultifying boredom on occasion, often producing radical ideas out of desperation. (Should I be saying this?)

Accompanying the release of the guide is an article published by London Loves Business with 8 fail-safe ways to make flexible working work for your workforce (that’s a lot of work).

The guide itself is a fun and colourful PDF (2.2 MB) with an overview of flexible working and its benefits, advice on choosing the right Microsoft technologies and case studies of businesses using Microsoft products (including the funky sounding Pooch & Mutt). Appropriately, the guide was written and researched from Pret a Manger and the train (presumably the author was fortunate enough to have a seat).

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