New mobile app will help locate freelancers and hotspots

You move to a city, you have a great idea (or perhaps not so great), and you just want to get it done. Only that you can’t, because you can’t find the right people and place to make it happen.

Based in KL, Malaysia, I have no idea where to identify nearby freelance talent, and Twitter hasn’t exactly produced results. Looking for a developer recently, the only people who answered a plea on Twitter were all based in India. Which was fine, of course, but where was the local talent that I needed with whom I could collaborate face to face?

Nomad Tracker, from the team at NoBorder Productions, could be the solution:

  • Spend less time searching and more time collaborating with creative people who live nearby
  • Locate hotspots where freelancers and remote workers prefer to go

I’ve registered my interest at (and will correspondingly receive advice on remote work every Thursday), so I guess it’s a case of watch this space…

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