PSFK publishes report on digital nomad trends

PSFK, an online resource for creative professionals, has launched a new report, The Nomad Class Debrief, exploring trends emerging around digital nomad lifestyles, and how they might impact the rest of us over the next 18-36 months. An accompanying article reveals a snappy crash course on becoming a digital nomad.

The report states that, for digital nomads:

“concepts like borders, time-zones and office-spaces can be ignored in lieu of a connected ecosystem of tools and services that help them live, work and play in a way that seem extreme to many of us today, but will become the norm for a much larger group of professionals in the next few years”

At $150, the 20+ page report might not appeal to most digital nomads on a shoestring, but it will be useful reading for “brands” and professionals wishing to understand the digital nomad category better.

A summary of the report can be seen below, via Slideshare:

The summary shows that workers (in the US at least) are clamouring for more flexible and remote work:
  • 80%-90% of working Americans would like to work remotely at least part-time
  • 60% of office employees are expected to work remotely by 2022
  • Remote employers are up to 13% more productive
The crash course article meanwhile reveals 3 types of digital nomad (slightly tongue in cheek possibly), before explaining how to get wifi and how to get started:
  • The Van Dwellers
  • The RVers
  • The Airbnbers

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