Working from a cafe? This survival guide might help, a UK-based (as you’ve probably gathered) independent resource for anyone wanting to start or build a business, has published a nice “survival guide” to anyone wanting to start a business from a cafe. Author Trevor Clawson covers the following essential checklist items, in addition to things you will need to take with you before you order that flat white:


  • Connectivity
  • Power
  • Peace and quiet
  • Good coffee
  • Comfortable seating
  • Friendly staff
  • A customer toilet
  • Somewhere to make calls
  • A view


With more and more of us choosing to work from a cafe* (and I’ve seen them all, from job and media interviewees to employment tribunal lawyers), a sensible list such as this would come in very handy. It would also be interesting to see coffee shops rated based on their suitability – are independent cafes more relevant than mainstream chains (typically appealing to the white collar worker)?


*I’m writing these words from Cosans coffee shop in Kuala Lumpur

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