Matthew Brady

My name is Matthew, and I’ve been infused with a global mindset from 2009 when first moving to Kuala Lumpur from the UK.

In the years since, I’ve embarked on an adventurous odyssey across Asia, taking in Malaysia (again), China, Iraqi Kurdistan and Hong Kong.  It’s been a heck of a ride, and I have a few stories to tell (but not today, and certainly not here).

Digital first

Matthew Brady

While I have lately been shaped by experiences in different regions of the planet, my underlying drive has remained the same: to do communications and marketing differently and more effectively.  Why send a convoluted press release that few people will open, let alone read, or record a stuffy video that no one will watch (but ticks a box or two)?

It was a principle that I carried with me in in-house and agency roles, developing digital and social media strategies for world leaders, NGOs and MNCs at a time when social was a niche activity popular with children and geeks. The biggest social network in the UK at the time was FriendsReunited (remember that?)!