Teenagers offered opportunity to work at summer camp in China

When I was 19, I had a summer job working on the checkout at the local hypermarket. It wasn’t all beeps and bag-filling; I enjoyed chatting with customers (though it was awkward seeing my former maths teacher, and more so as I handed out change).

In 2018 – let’s just say many years later – teenagers have more options, from starting billion-dollar tech unicorns to landing summer jobs in China. Young people, eh?

The Guardian reports that Smaller Earth’s Adventure China programme is giving applicants over 18 the opportunity to work as a camp counsellor in China for eight weeks, either in Inner Mongolia or in a nature reserve outside Qingdao.  (Now, if I were a successful applicant, I know which one I would choose: I’d be heartily familiarising myself with Qingdao’s bars and wonderful beer every weekend.)

Oliver Norris, writing for the Adventure China blog, explains in his excellent post that while teaching English has traditionally been the way to live and work in China, football coaches are being recruited in their thousands and farming work is growing rapidly, the newest way is the summer camp.

Among other skills developed at the camp, counsellors will master the squat, which would presumably be ideal preparation for the episode to follow:  travel around China for up to 90 days afterwards. It sounds an unforgettable experience if you’re young and can speak Mandarin.

While my squat ability has been honed to perfection over the years, I feel I could use an invigorating summer camp experience myself. What’s there for the middle-aged intern?

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