Geeking out in Reading with an update on Chinese digital trends

Huawei smartphone

From Alipay to WeChat, China’s internet is transforming the world, so I was excited to present the latest statistics on Chinese digital trends at Reading Geek Night on a cold Reading night in January. I’d first delivered a talk on Chinese tech in 2013, and much has changed since:

Reading is a top tech town, and no strange to China, either – behemoth Huawei has its head office located at Green Park (unfortunately there was no one from Huawei at the event – maybe it was the cold weather…).

Glomading named a top 50 Brexit website

British Airways jet under storm clouds

I don’t get medals very often. The last, I believe, was for completing the Three Peaks Challenge. Note: not for coming first but merely for taking part and finishing the competition (thus races can be a bit “millennial” too). So it was a nice surprise to receive a virtual medal that I can pin to the sidebar of this website for having a top 50 Brexit blog on Feedspot.

Just to clarify (and we could all use a bit of clarification around Brexit matters), this isn’t a pro-Brexit website. It’s pro-opportunity, and of course there’s a difference. But a medal’s a medal, and I’m keeping it.

Posts on all things Brexit and Global Britain can be found here.

Back from the brink

Eagle eyed readers among you will have noticed two things.

The first was that Morecambe named “most desirable” digital nomad location was an outright lie, published on April Fool’s Day.

The second observation is that not a lot has been published since. In what were exceptionally busy times, I relocated twice in recent months – first to Iraq and later to Hong Kong.

I say “not a lot”; there have been a few posts – but of the wrong kind. Thanks to sophisticated hackers, a stream of garbage was posted that was tricky to put an end to. It could have been worse. The posts were education-related, so thankfully nothing sinister – and who knows – maybe they made a positive difference (though I shouldn’t really say that).

It’s another lesson. Stay alert, keep software up to date, and act quickly.