What impact will Brexit have on the creative industries?

The creative industries, made up of things like video-gaming (yay), architecture and advertising, is the fastest growing sector of the UK economy since the 2008 crash.

UK creativity is also hugely popular overseas. As in, very, very popular. The likes of Sherlock and Downton Abbey are loved by millions in China, and Mr Bean is Mr Bean (there’s even a Mr Bean Cafe in Bangkok that I went to; good location, and, erm, full of beans).

The British are evidently very good at this sort of thing (I can’t work it  out either; the weather might have something to do with it). So what kind of an impact will Brexit have?

The Creative Industries Federation, which as the name suggests is the UK’s national organisation for creative industries, cultural education and arts,  will explore challenges and opportunities post-Brexit through a conference next year.

The “Brexit Conference. The creative industries beyond Brexit” will be held on 15 March 2018 at the National Gallery in London, with speakers to include Chris Hirst, Jamie Coleman, Joao Vasconcelos and Shona McCarthy.

Non-member tickets will cost 400 pounds + VAT and you can register through the Creative Industries Federation website (the press gets in for free).

Or you can apply for membership and get a discount by emailing rsvp@creativeindustriesfederation.com.

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