Deteriorating liveability in cities worldwide, reveals 2016 EIU Global Liveability Ranking

Melbourne held on to top spot in the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)’s Global Liveability Ranking – but only just. Vienna was second (97.4), followed by Vancouver (97.3) and Toronto (97.2). Australia and Canada maintained their dominance, accounting for 6 cities in a largely unchanged top 10:

  1. Melbourne
  2. Vienna
  3. Vancouver
  4. Toronto
  5. Calgary
  6. Adelaide
  7. Perth
  8. Auckland
  9. Helsinki
  10. Hamburg

Meanwhile, the Middle East showed the strongest rise in liveability, with Tehran, Dubai and Kuwait City all among the top 5 cities with the biggest improvement. Damascus, however, showed the biggest slump, with a 26.1% fall in liveability.

In fact, worsening liveability was seen in 20% of the cities surveyed, explained by the EIU to be:

largely a result of heightened fears over terrorism with more than 1,000 reported attacks in 2016 so far, with incidents in France, Turkey, the US and Belgium being the most high profile. Factors such as social unrest in many US cities due to the deaths of black people in police custody, tensions in Eastern Europe and Asia and the ongoing civil wars in Ukraine, Syria and Libya have compounded the decline.

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