Data-driven content

Content is king, as they say, so treat it as such. Few people will want to read a poorly worded or sloppily structured piece of text, no matter how much money you throw behind it, and a video that fails to inspire will not engage a user's attention for long.

Social strategy

Social media is no longer a novelty, but that doesn't mean it can be taken lightly. From understanding where audiences are to setting up new channels and establishing a voice, it's important to get any social strategy right - get it wrong, and your message can very quickly backfire.

Paid media strategy

Sometimes you just have to spend to ensure visibility and engagement - there's no avoiding the matter (but only once you've fine-tuned your content to perfection). How much you spend, where, when and how are all important considerations, from social to PPC and native advertising.

Digital strategy

If social concerns people and conversations (hence 'social'), digital is its anti-social cousin, from websites to apps and email communications.

Influencer strategy and engagement

There's more to influencers than bikini-clad Instagram models flogging orange juice, but finding the right voices - and engaging them in the most appropriate way for the right purpose - is no easy task. (And can we do away with the term KOL?)


Learning is fun...sometimes. It's certainly useful, and there are fewer more useful things to learn than how to communicate and influence effectively through digital and social channels.