Is going to university a wise decision? Experts have their say

UK students have now received A Level and GCSE exam results, and the debate has turned to university entry, and whether this is, in fact, a sensible option for young people. It’s a debate set to rumble on and on:

What is without doubt is that there is more than one option. In the unlikely event that you are reading this now, and considering going to university, think this through carefully. Be strategic; there is more than one path available. Look at Pete Cashmere of Mashable fame; he started his website while living with his parents in Scotland at the age of 19. He’s worth…quite a lot, I should think.
You don’t have to limit yourself to work and/or study in the UK even – why not pack your bags and teach or join a startup overseas? It may out work cheaper and deliver more exciting prospects further down the line. More on this another time.

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