Office 2016 software to benefit remote workers, says Microsoft Indonesia

Microsoft’s Office 2016 software will benefit digital nomads, the company claimed in Indonesia (disclosure before I carry on: I used to work for Microsoft, but I wasn’t engaged over this). According to Andreas Diantoro, President of Microsoft Indonesia:

We are now in the era of mobiles. We look to empower people to perform without having to rely [only] certain devices [laptop, PC, table, smartphone]. Office 2016 is specifically designed to let you work anywhere at any time.

Lucky Gani, Business Group Head at Microsoft Indonesia, added:

To me, the best place to work remains the office, since we can meet and do face-to-face discussions. But an office isn’t the only place, and working isn’t necessarily done at offices. Thus we want to offer our tech solution to facilitate the public to work from anywhere, using any device.

While it wouldn’t be the first time that Microsoft has targeted remote or flexible workers with their software, the rise in digital nomadism and remote working in places such as Indonesia (from Bali to Bandung) has taken on extra significance.

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