Professional leaves Brexit Britain – and tells world on LinkedIn

A while back I suggested that it’s better to be bold amidst so much Brexit confusion, and it looks as if a Millennial worker from the UK is being precisely that – making his own way, whether PM May has a full Brexit mandate or none.

In an engaging LinkedIn piece that has racked up 7,500 views, Jon Davies (who like me went to school in Berkshire, though that’s where the similarities end) described how he packed his belongings into a 30kg case and left for Hong Kong – without a new job lined up.

At 8:10 tonight the wheels of Cathay Pacific flight CX256 to Hong Kong will leave the tarmac of Heathrow airport and my own Brexit will be complete. Now that Article 50 has been triggered it feels there is little upside for a young person with ambition to stay in a country that will be embroiled in great uncertainty for the next 2 years at least.

In the first Brexit postcard from Hong Kong of what might become several LinkedIn Pulse posts on his settling in as an expat, Jon, a City professional, shared his diligent approaches towards finding opportunities (I’m not convinced personally that life is better with Excel, Jon, but I admire your efficiency!):

Create a master contacts/opportunities spreadsheet. A CRM tool if you will. Let’s face it life is just better with a master spreadsheet. That is already done. Fire out emails to all existing contacts on the ground in Hong Kong to get the networking ball rolling.

Is there anyone out there planning a similar move? I’d be interested in hearing from you!

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