Shenhzen shows the way for makers and creatives

Hong Kong has always been a popular – and iconic – expat destination in Asia. But could next-door neighbour Shenhzen steal its thunder, at least among creative and technology types?

The capital of global hardware manufacturing (home to Huawei, DJI and Tencent, among others), a major design hub and popular with Silicon Valley startups, Shenzhen means serious business.

Writing for Make: magazine last year, Gareth Branwyn commented:

If you’re serious about taking any type of consumer electronics product to market – robots, microcontroller-based projects, mobile phones, laptops, internet appliances, 3D printers, etc. – there is only one city where you need to be, and that’s Shenzen.

To show just how extensive this “maker” revolution is in Shenzhen, Meijing He of British Council Hong Kong has shared a downloadable PDF map of maker spaces, incubators and accelerators (10 MB). And for those of you based in the UK and wanting to get involved in the maker scene in China, here is an infographic:

Makers in China and UK-infographic

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