Singapore best place for expats in HSBC survey, Bahrain in 4th

Just to add to an earlier post, in recent weeks we’ve seen published the Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist, EIU’s Global Liveability Ranking, ECA International’s Cost of Living survey, the Expat Insider survey from InterNations, and now we have HSBC’s Expat Explorer survey. With Christmas coming, expect to see “and a partridge in a pear tree” added to this growing list before the year ends.

HSBC’s 8th annual Expat Explorer (PDF report here) compares countries based on information from almost 21,290 expats. The survey makes good use of digital technologies, allowing website and mobile users to easily compare countries based on economic, experience and family criteria, generating quantitative data and qualitative statements.

While a fairly predictable order, Bahrain in 4th place might surprise some:

  1. Singapore
  2. New Zealand
  3. Bahrain
  4. Germany
  5. Canada
  6. Australia
  7. Taiwan
  8. UAE
  9. Switzerland
  10. Hong Kong

Singapore emerged top, with 67% of expat residents claiming that their quality of life is better in the city-state than it was back home (Southeast Asia is also overall best for “career satisfaction”).

Singapore can be a bit of a divisive place, but there’s no absolutely no doubting its tremendous success over the years – something that the tiny nation was keen to celebrate when marking its 50th anniversary recently. As HSBC’s Expat Explorer 2015 report explained:

Singapore emerges as the best place overall to live and work as an expat. People who live there praise Singapore as a true all-rounder. Its streets are safe, job opportunities are plentiful, wages are high and it offers plenty to see and do.

Looking at individual categories, Switzerland emerged best for economics, New Zealand is first for experience and Sweden is top for family.

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