Iberian nations dominate InterNations Quality of Life 2017 index


With kids now going back to school across Europe, many parents will perhaps be reminiscing on their summer holiday in the Mediterranean and how nice everything was. They might even think about living there (that’s the dangerous thing about holidays – they tend to force a what if rethink in people’s minds).

Southern Europe wouldn’t be a bad choice, either: the latest InterNations Quality of Life Index shows that Portugal and Spain have the best standard of living rated by expats in the world, divided only by 2016 winner Taiwan (which is also a wonderful destination, albeit for different reasons).

On that point, it’s interesting to see blocs in the index – Denmark, Sweden and Finland are bunched together, as are Germany and Luxembourg. It does feel a little like a Eurovision Song Contest of living standards.

The top 20 is as follows:

1. Portugal
2. Taiwan
3. Spain
4. Singapore
5. Czech Republic
6. Japan
7. Australia
8. Switzerland
9. Costa Rica
10. Germany
11. Luxembourg
12. Denmark
13. Canada
14. Sweden
15. New Zealand
16. Finland
17. Netherlands
18. UAE
19. Malta
20. South Korea

Portugal’s success, coming a year after the nation won football’s European Championships, shows the country on the ascendancy. Perhaps. It might not be a surprise to the organisers of the amazing coworking retreat Offsite Immersive in Guia, offering a pool and a nearby beach.

Overall Quality of Life aside, the Quality of Life Index grouped countries under five categories: Leisure Options, Personal Happiness, Travel & Transport, Health & Wellbeing, and Safety & Security.

InterNations polled 12,500 expats of 166 nationalities based in 188 territories and asked them to rate 43 aspects of life overseas.

Blue-sky thinking in Portugal: Coworking retreat planned for September

Offsite Immersive 2016

September can be a month of mourning for many in chilly Northern hemisphere climates (I can confirm this as a Brit), triggering memories of the new school term and a hurtle towards shorter days. A week in Portugal’s sun-blessed south will therefore appeal to many, especially one that introduces a blend of leisure with exciting work possibilities, all against an idyllic backdrop.

Offsite Immersive 2016 will see 18 like-minded professionals interact in the beautiful, and apparently historic, surroundings of Guia (nearest beach a 14 minute drive away) through work and social activities. The co-working retreat is organised by Southwest Collective for the week 11-18 September, and will include the following (according to the website):

  • An inspiring location with everything needed to be focused and productive
  • A community of creative and passionate people that can help accelerate ideas and projects
  • Healthy food choices
  • Off-the-grid meaningful activities and experiences
  • Flash talk and deep-dive sessions with interesting topics to feel inspired
  • Stunning on-site shared accommodation (2/3 people per room) with ample space to work and relax
  • 3 day free pass to coworklisboa co-working space in Lisbon

Did someone mention wine? 🙂

While the accommodation – a traditional house with pool – looks stunning (you could almost imagine a top Primeira Liga player owning such a property), there are also pretty villages to escape to, we are told.

More information, including pricing, can be found on the website and via Twitter (@swcollectiveco).