Recruitment website, Expatexit, launched for Brexit professionals

The Shard, London

It’s mid-February and Brexit remains a complicated picture. As previously stated on this website, it’s better to be proactive about things rather than wait for an outcome beyond our control. Uncertainty is the new normal – and we had all better get used to it.

Which is presumably why hundreds of UK-based workers are reportedly voting with their feet by signing up for global opportunities through a new recruitment website.

The platform, Expatexit, was launched by Polish entrepreneur Marcin Czyza (who has never worked or lived in the UK) with the aim of helping professionals affected by Brexit to find jobs in other countries. As the website explains, through fairly antagonistic language:

High costs of living? Far away from family and friends? Unfriendly atmosphere? Does this sound familiar? If the only reason for you to stay in the United Kingdom is your job, we have the perfect solution for you. Just register on our website, create your profile and indicate where would like to work. It doesn’t matter if it is your home town or an exotic destination where you were always dreaming of living. Our job is to contact all potential employers at the location of your choice. Just give yourself a chance !

But there are also British workers registering through the platform, which is no bad thing for their career prospects – or even the UK’s prospects, as trade deals are sought around the world. The likes of Sir Martin Sorrell and the British Council have recently encouraged young workers to get China experience, Brexit or not.

Perhaps leaving the EU will prove a jolt or an awakening of sorts, pointing us in new directions in ways unexpected.

Where to find your next job: recruitment websites for global nomads


Finding the right job can be tough, especially in these crazily uncertain times. The best approach, in my experience at least, is to build relationships with people to uncover opportunities – what the experts have traditionally called “networking”, but in practice means simply being matey with the right connections. This is what most professionals do when they are not working, i.e. 75% of the time.

But what if you don’t know anyone, for example when starting out? You could “blag” your way in (full marks are often awarded to the bold in life), or you could try the next best thing: a jobs website. Word of warning: not all opportunities are as they appear, as is often the case with recruitment, so stay wary:

  • Escape the City – a website sprung from the loins of London’s financial district, Escape the City offers, as the name suggests, exciting opportunities for professionals away from the corporate treadmill. While there are openings with NGOs and startups all over the world, a question remains in my mind after a quick scan: can anyone truly “escape the city” through becoming a Marketing Director or Commercial Analyst?
  • Jobbatical – Born in startup-mad Estonia, Jobbatical focuses on listing career break opportunities around the world, away from the day job (job + sabbatical). An intriguing idea, since applicants can combine work with memorable experiences in new countries. And who wants to sit on a beach for 2 weeks anyway?
  • Global Nomadic Jobs – Global Nomadic now lists paid jobs, in addition to exciting volunteer experiences and internship placements. There is a tag cloud with “social media” displayed as the biggest term, so I’m guessing that’s what users are mostly interested in!
  • Idealist – A website advertising opportunities to people who want to do good in the world, Idealist is currently listing some 13,000 jobs around the world, mostly youth and education-related.
  • And lastly, Asia Hired. Run by a mate of mine, hence its inclusion. Robin, I’ll have that beer, thanks.

Have I missed any?