Digital Nomad Conference coming to Bangkok in February 2016

The 4th Digital Nomad Conference is nearly upon us. Appropriately enough, the next DNX event will apparently be held in legendary backpacker hub Bangkok in February 2016, which should appeal to many shivering in northern hemisphere climates.  Northern Bangkok neighbour Chiang Mai, a short hop away, is also a highly popular digital nomad destination.

While little information is available on the next event, the DNX website reveals an impressive array of speakers from the world of digital nomadism who presented at the last DNX conference in Berlin.

DNX was founded by Marcus Meurer and Felicia Hargaten, both also from Berlin, in collaboration with Max H Breckbill with the purpose of spreading the word about location independent careers. According to Marcus:

People are constantly asking us how to get started with this lifestyle, and we met many freelancers and entrepreneurs who are just one step away from beginning their dream career. To satisfy the huge demand of online workers looking for more information, motivation, and connections, we set up the first conference for Digital Nomads: DNX GLOBAL.

DNX can be followed on Twitter at @dnxglobal.