UK internet speeds “dire”, blasts report: so where is best?

If you’re a mobile worker or digital nomad, you will likely need fast internet (or at least reliable), so that you may do your job properly. No internet, no digital.

So a new report by UK MPs claiming that rural SMEs and consumers experience “dire” internet speeds in Britain, a popular startup and expat destination (and the world’s 5th biggest economy), comes as a surprise:

So where is best overall? It looks like Nordic countries and advanced Asian economies reign supreme, though they are arguably more expensive places for the average digital nomad to set up, according to Akamai’s Q3 2015 State of the Internet report:

Statistic: Countries with the highest average internet connection speed as of 3rd quarter 2015 (in Mbps) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

A more useful indicator might be Nomad List’s handy filters, showing that you could do worse than Thailand (Chiang Mai and Bangkok) if you’re a digital nomad needing fast internet.

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