Vienna world’s best for quality of living, says Mercer survey

Planning your next move? Vienna has retained its status as the world’s best city in Mercer’s 18th Quality of Living city survey (the Austrian capital came second in last year’s EIU’s Global Liveability Ranking). Perennial favourites London and Paris, meanwhile, are in the lower thirties (or higher, depending on your perspective).

The survey was conducted between September and November 2015, serving to help employers take adequate precautions for expats who relocate with family.

The usual suspects occupied the top 10 in 2015, with central Europe accounting for most (Austria, Germany, Switzerland):

  1. Vienna
  2. Zurich
  3. Auckland
  4. Munich
  5. Vancouver
  6. Dusseldorf
  7. Frankfurt
  8. Geneva
  9. Copenhagen
  10. Sydney

As for the city ranking lowest, look no further than the Iraqi capital.

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